Losing Speed And Altitude

I have a picture in my mind of America as a high-flying jumbo jet with two powerful engines. One engine is American democracy, and the other is American capitalism.

Democracy and capitalism have served America well, but both engines are showing their age and in danger of burning out.

I could use the same metaphor for my own life’s trajectory, and I will. Flying at typical American cruising speed, I enjoyed moderate career success and a modest level of affluence. I lived the middle-class American lifestyle, credit cards and all. In my early 50s, I began to lose speed and altitude at an alarming rate. By the time I hit 60, I felt about burned out!

A lot of Americans in my age cohort (the baby-boomer generation) are in the same boat . . . make that the same airplane.

This “How To Make A Controlled Crash Landing” blog will attempt a serious but light-hearted commentary on the above phenomena — the faltering American political and economic systems, and the predicament of everyday Americans, particularly those of us who have reached a certain age.

It appears that mid-flight corrections are needed to save American democracy and capitalism. And many Americans are coping with unavoidable adjustments in the way we live. It’s called CHANGE. We’ll be talking about it a lot.

Personally, I’m trying to change my life in the direction of simplicity and frugality.

Posts to this blog will be frequent, short, and sweet. Period. Amen.

What do you think?

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