Voluntary Simplicity — Really?

A friend says she is a member of the involuntary simplicity movement.  That sounds about right.

Many people, perhaps, have chosen voluntary simplicity. The Desert Fathers come to mind.

In my lifetime, the hippies. And some idealistic people who lived in communes. For a time.

Adventurers, frontiersmen, explorers, the American Indian?  Scholars, artists and writers (but only if they are in a position to work without distraction).

Some who devote their lives to service: doctors, nurses, teachers, clergy. Mother Theresa. St. Francis of Assisi.

Monks and nuns. Lighthouse keepers.

Farmers. But I think farming is simple mostly in the minds of people who have never farmed.

The homeless? Homelessness is the opposite of simplicity. It is an everyday struggle for survival.

The wealthy? Ah. The wealthy may be in a position to choose voluntary simplicity, if they wish.

The workaholic, perhaps.

I am still thinking.

What do you think?

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