American Values: Who Could Sing It Better Than Mary Travers

Public Television broadcast a classic concert by “Peter, Paul, and Mommy” (aka Peter, Paul, and Mary) over the weekend.

PP&M topped off the concert with their three all-time-favorite American folk songs:

  • “If I Had A Hammer”
  • “Blowing In The Wind”
  • “This Land Is Your Land”

As the last notes echoed, Mary Travers delivered the trio’s classic statement of American values:

“The answer is still Peace, Justice, and Equality, and all of us working for those things together.”

That was the signature close at the grand finale of PP&M concerts.

It would also be a good rallying cry for the Baby Boomer generation, to keep us focused and centered on core American values during the crazy 2010 election year, and all the unsettled years ahead.

— John Hayden

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