Living’s a little complex (via Melbourne Mumma)

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I’m still wrestling with “Starve The Beast.” The more I think about “Starve The Beast,” the more I see a political conspiracy to bring down the United States of America, to reduce the government to a helpless, broken heap of bureaucracy, so that corporations can be free to profit without limit, and the wealthy of the world can be free to exploit the poor without opposition.

And right this minute, I’m working my way through the Fourth of July weekend in beach town, USA, where half a million people will watch 15 minutes of fireworks tonight — a dazzling display of noise and light, to be sure —  and then sit in absolute gridlock for three hours, waiting to get over the bridge and go to work Tuesday morning. Will anyone think about “Independence?”

 “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

. . . . Meanwhile, a simple post about simplicity, from Australia . . .

Living's a little complex I’m a big believer in simple living.  If it were realistic to live without a mobile phone and just rely on the post and a single home phone, like the 1980’s model above, I’d be quite happy.  I have an iPhone completely void of any apps and am often asked ”why no apps, why no apps?” but for me, the less buttons, the better (I am scared of apps like ‘angry birds’.) In fact ironically, despite being a blogger, I find myself less and less inclined t … Read More

via Melbourne Mumma

1 thought on “Living’s a little complex (via Melbourne Mumma)

  1. I think you are right John in your thinking.. It cannot carry on the way we are… all over the world.. … We hold the Illusion of being Free… when in reality we shackle ourselves to Debt.
    Hope you are not working TOO hard.. and nice to see your posting even though Im a little behind playing catch up.. Sue


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