Shock and Awe Kindness (Inspired by Kermit the Frog) (via yearofkindness)

Two reposts in a row! But you have to admit, I repost good stuff.

Here I am, feeling a bit frustrated because I don’t have time to write as much as I think I should. And instead, I’m reposting a second great post in a row from another blogger. But honestly, these two posts are more meaningful and more real than anything I’m likely to write about politics or simplicity. I write like a reporter, from my own personal knowledge and observations; they write about the good ideas they got serious about and turned into real actions. The world needs reporters, I guess, but what this “can’t-do” world needs most is doers.

To paraphrase the Bible, as best I can from my faulty memory, “You will know them by the fruitfulness of their actions.” — John

Shock and Awe Kindness (Inspired by Kermit the Frog) Dear Kindness Recruits, In preparation for Wednesday’s 100 Days of Kindness mission, I must tell you something. Sometimes being kind is a bit like being green – it’s not always easy and people often give you very strange looks. But this only proves even more just how much the Kindness Revolution is a cause worth fighting for. We live in a crazy, mixed-up world and it’s up to kindness crusaders like us to remind people that it’s not all gloom and … Read More

via yearofkindness

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