American Debt Crisis: Children Playing With Dynamite

The words and events of the past few days give me the gut feeling that too many of America’s current political and business leaders are not mature adults, not capable of being serious or working responsibly.

Too many members of Congress seem to think the U.S. government is all a big game, and the winners are the ones who get the most political contributions, and the ones re-elected the most times. They don’t act as if they understand that the government and the economy of the United States are matters of real importance. Instead, they act as if they’re in a reality show on a fictional island, where there are no serious consequences, and the only goal is forming alliances, talking with bravado, and gaining fame.

Too many politicians appear childish, not mature, focusing only on themselves, like a two-year-old would, and on the interest groups that pull their strings. They don’t appear to have developed the capacity to care about the needs of  others, and by others I mean the millions of real people scratching every day to earn a living, support their families, cope with illnesses.

Too many politicians seem always to put themselves and their special interests first; the needs of the larger community are of no interest to them. The needs of others be damned, the needs of the nation be damned. It’s all a game. It’s all about me and my little circle of friends.

3 thoughts on “American Debt Crisis: Children Playing With Dynamite

  1. Politicians have the power of the pen to make legislation that would favor some interests over others. Such politicians can and will be bribed into doing so. The only long lasting solution to this is to limit the range of government to where it’s absolutely needed.


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