The Ultimate RV Downsize

The concept of living in a very small house fascinates at least some readers of my blog. Here is an extremely thoughtful post about homelessness, and some options for moveable shelter. These ideas probably beat sleeping in your car.

The RVing Lifestyle

Talk about innovative, this shopping cart pop-up would have to take the prize.  Shelter comes in many shapes and sizes as you can see but I totally get it. If our economy continues to decline we will see more of the camper kart pop-ups.

State of Homelessness in America 2011

Since the release of Homelessness Counts: Changes in Homelessness from 2005 to 2007, the Alliance has chronicled changes in the levels of homelessness in the nation and in individual states and communities to chart the progress toward the goal of ending homelessness. This comprehensive examination not only reveals national and state level homeless counts, but also delves into economic indicators and demographic drivers – taking an in-depth look at risk factors for homelessness. Built upon the most recent nationally available data from the federal Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Justice, and other…

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