Walmart And The American Dream

Creative Destruction, A Photo Story

There used to be a Walmart right here. But it was too small.  

They built a brand new Walmart Superstore, right behind the “old” Walmart. The new store is bigger and better than the old one. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a monument to American consumerism. Walmart sells everything you need or want. And also everything you don’t want, but might want in the future. Walmart has a wide variety of merchandise. And of course, low prices. And jobs, I hear, lots of jobs. What more could you ask for?

Soon as the new Walmart opened, demolition of the old one commenced.

It didn’t take long to build a pile of rubble on the site of the old Walmart.

It’s dusk at the Walmarts, but the work never ends.

The Walmart pond.

Open for business during “creative destruction.”

Walmart and earth moving machineIt’s a big job, but somebody has to do it. 

The new Walmart has plenty of parking, modern service roads, and a demolition project between the new store and the new parking lots. It’s more on the scale of an AIRPORT than a SHOPPING CENTER. Shuttle buses move customers from the parking lots to the store. And back. More than one shuttle bus. More than two. No lines, no waiting, except sometimes at the checkout counters.

Actually, it’s nicer than an airport shuttle. The interior is more like a limo than a bus.

Does this picture represent the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?

Hard to tell: Is that a setting sun or a rising sun? What do you think? Please comment below.


Copywrite, 2012, John Hayden

2 thoughts on “Walmart And The American Dream

  1. There is a “Mega Walmart” close to our home plus a Home Depot, Rona, Canadian Tire……all the mega stores selling our needs and our wants. Many of the local specialty stores have disappeared more’s the pity… for one. On Main Street there is still the little local hardware store, still popular, still successful. Why is this? It’s because the owners make it so! They do all the little things that the mega stores cannot possibly do. They remember your name! They usually have that left handed, reverse widget somewhere in the back and the owner knows where it is. Everyone knows the name of the cat that sits by the cash register. They deliver. They are knowledgeable. It’s more fun and there are no lineups at the cash. The owner is to be seen at the local golf course or in the pub. He has found the way to compete!!


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