On A Less Serious Note

Princess Lola guards the back deck while I’m away at work.

Almost paradise, at the edge of the wild marsh.  No wonder Lola doesn’t want to share her territory with other dogs and cats. Beware the spiders and mosquitoes.

The drawbridge at Snow Hill Harbor on the Pocomoke River, on the Lower Eastern Shore in Maryland. (Bridge built prior to the age of  global warming and rising sea level.)

Vegetation at the edge of Snow Hill Harbor. Coming soon to “Work in Progress,” a state-of-the-art camera, for a better look at the world all around. 

4 thoughts on “On A Less Serious Note

  1. Bernie,

          Andy and I, along with Stan and Ginny, are planning on spending New Year’s Eve in OC.  We have booked  a condo at ____.  Perhaps you would be able to join us for the celebration?  Maybe you could keep an eye out for a good party at a hotel or somewhere and let us know details.  We will be looking also.  It would be so nice to see you and catch up!



  2. Terry — Fantastic! I can’t wait to see you guys! New Year’s weekend Dec. 31, 2011-Jan. 1 2012 was probably biggest New Year’s in OC ever, because the weather was mild and it fell on a weekend. This year, I believe NY Eve is a Monday, so New Year’s Day holiday will be Tues. Looks like a possible four-day weekend. If weather’s nice, the town will be hopping. I look forward to seeing you all! — Bernie


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