Mitt Romney’s Economic Divide, Part 2. Lash Yourself to An Oar.

We used to have the upper class, middle class, lower class, working class. Most of us in America pretended that class wasn’t an issue.

Retired folks living on Social Security and pensions were in a separate category. As elders and retired, they were deemed “entitled” (gasp) to the Social Security and pensions they received. They had, after all, worked long and hard to earn those Social Security and pension checks.  

Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a...

Mitt and Ann Romney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the current presidential election, Mitt Romney has brought class to the forefront.

The new economy divides all of us into two camps: Winners and Losers. The wealthy and privileged are in the Winner’s Camp, just as the poor and marginalized are in the Loser’s Camp.

But the important distinction for most of us is between the productive and unproductive, skilled and the unskilled, educated and the illiterate, the taxpayers and the other 47 percent.

Contribute to the growth of the economy, and you’re a Winner; depend on the economy for assistance, and you’re a Loser.

Old age and previous military service are irrelevant. So are illness and disability. What are you doing for the economy right this moment? Giving or taking?

Lash yourself to an oar and pull hard. Otherwise, get off the boat. It’s hard to find an oar. There aren’t many to be had. High-tech engines and propellers have eliminated a lot of oars. Never mind. Keep rowing. The only excuse for stopping is death.

If you don’t have an oar, jump over the side and drown.

— John Hayden

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Economic Divide, Part 2. Lash Yourself to An Oar.

  1. I couldn’t characterize the brittle republican worldview more deftly. These are people who lack an understanding of the time dimension — in common with infants and small children below the age of reason, and with individuals suffering from personality disorders. I think that is an adequate footnote.


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