Blogging Worldwide

Readership of my blogs has always been mostly in America, with a few readers from other parts of the world, especially Europe. Lately, readership has gone international. Since WordPress started tracking hits with a nifty worldwide map, I’ve noticed a significant increase in readers from all corners of the globe, with the possible exception of Africa.

A couple of changes in my primary blog have probably helped this trend along. First, I’ve started emphasizing that I’m blogging about life in America, about politics and whatever from the perspective of one American. I think readers all over the world are seeking information about America. (If only Americans could be as interested in the rest of the world.) Second, I recently wrote two posts about elections in Quebec, Canada, which attracted readers from Canada.

Yesterday was a good day. Only 57 hits overall, but from 12 countries. The blog registered 30 hits from U.S. readers, 7 from the United Kingdom, 3 from Canada and 3 from Brazil, 2 each from Pakistan, Netherlands, India, Spain; and one each from Italy, Thailand, Mexico and Australia. (On most days I get a number of visitors from Australia and New Zealand.)  Notably missing from the list are visits from China, Japan, Russia, and most of South America. I imagine WordPress and Google have less penetration in those parts of the world. And probably there are fewer people who can read English, which, alas, is my only language.

I’m not sure how people are finding my blog. Some hits come from search engines, almost exclusively Google and Google Image. I’ve tried StumbleUpon, but don’t think I have the money to use StumbleUpon regularly.

Many readers must be from the growing number who “follow” the blog. Thanks for your support! I’ll be redesigning the blog shortly to make it easier to subscribe, and easier to find posts that interest you.

— John Hayden

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