Saturday Morning Inspiration

If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself. (Smile) A great photo! I’ve got to buy a decent camera. Today is the first day of the rest or your life!  — John

Live & Learn

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Inspiration

  1. My heart is in excellent shape! My lungs check out perfectly and the rest of me is what you’d expect of an active man of my age……….yet my heart just stopped!! Now I have a Pacemaker and consider myself simply lucky!


    • Just stopped! Scary. Glad you’re OK. I’ve heard there are two types of heart problems. Plumbing and electrical. But if the electricity is off the plumbing doesn’t work. Something like that.


  2. I am inspired!! Many years ago I could do that. I wonder how close I could come to doing it again if I really worked at it. Maybe I should start exercising and see how close I can come – and pretend that my current age isn’t a factor! Hmm, interesting, but I think I’ll start off very slowlyl


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