Finished Reading ‘The Casual Vacancy’ — Now The Hard Part

Stayed up way late last night (nothing unusual about that) and finished “The Casual Vacancy.” I reached that point where you’re so close to the end, you don’t dare put it down.

Adventure stories have a chase scene near the end, to step up the tempo and raise the suspense.

Mysteries have a detective following the evidence, piecing it together, closer and closer, the danger mounting, until . . .

J.K. Rowling’s wounded and wounding humans wander in circles, running away, crossing paths, reversing direction . . . not seeing the obvious until it’s too late . . . the sirens come . . . bringing them all together, sort of, . . . and they find themselves . . . and each other . . . or not.

Whew! A great novel. Now all I have to do is find time to write a review that’s worthy of the author, the book, and the characters.

— John

4 thoughts on “Finished Reading ‘The Casual Vacancy’ — Now The Hard Part

  1. I’m kind of waiting to read this on principle, just because I don’t wanna just rush out and read it, hoping that it will be a good book, but at the same time I’ve been secretly harboring this hope that the book will be a good one… lol I’m glad to hear when people say they liked it.


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