Simplifying Your Life Is Not Simple

SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE IS NOT SIMPLE — I’m finally getting serious about my winter project, which is weeding out and getting rid of the stuff I don’t need or use. Today I started on the books (I already decimated my library once, about five years ago.) Spent the afternoon dividing books into three categories: give away, throw away, and save. I didn’t know this was going to be so hard.

10 thoughts on “Simplifying Your Life Is Not Simple

  1. I recently did the old “Give away-throw away-save” when I moved this past summer and have to admit I will do this every year now.. makes life seem less cluttered if that makes sense!!
    Good luck on the books division chore!


  2. Have you figured out how to hook in to your public library system with your Kindle yet? Being able to do that has helped me limit my book purchases. Good luck with getting rid of some of your books. I gave up on that and just created more storage space!


    • Good point, Barbara. I have bought more books than I usually would since getting the Kindle. I have a lot of books on my reading list, and when I run across one on the Kindle, it’s just too easy. Sometimes there’s a significant saving on the Kindle, but probably not enough to justify lots of impulse purchases. I will look into borrowing from the library using the Kindle and Nook.


    • Good advice. In my case, I’ve moved a number of times in the past 20 years, and got rid of stuff each time. Last move was five years ago, and I gave away every large piece of furniture. I’ve pruned my wardrobe, such as it is. So I’m down to the point that books are the primary cause of clutter in my small apt. I’ve been putting off the books for too long.


      • I too, am undergoing a process of simplifying and got rid of much suffocating stuff; although I could not get rid of any of my books, LOL. I was able to pack my entire home in an 8×16 trailer but my book boxes are at my sister’s in VA, where I will be moving with my husband as soon as we restore a dilapidated farmhouse by ourselves. So I guess that I will have to make the ultimate sacrifice that you are making and eventually go thru those boxes :{


  3. Inkspeare: For about two decades, I moved frequently, and had boxes that went unopened from place to place. Talk about baggage! Some people love collecting and have a knack for organizing and enjoying their collections. (And dusting.) But for me, a pickup truck full of boxes that haven’t been opened in years became a real challenge. I’m down to the point now that everything I own is inside my efficiency apartment or in my car. Good luck with restoring the dilapidated farmhouse! That sounds like a challenge.


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