Two Days In A Row

Showed up at the gym two days in a row! A sense of being overwhelmed by work and pressed for time has been the undoing of my exercise programs over the years. These days, I’m not as busy, but my mind keeps telling me to hurry. Ignore that voice! No fitness goals or expectations! The only goal is to keep showing up every day. — John  

4 thoughts on “Two Days In A Row

  1. Please investigate the need for “rest” in the number of days you plan to exercise. Your body needs time to heal the stretched muscles in between work outs. My trainer suggests two-three days on; one day off. Good luck!


    • Not to worry. I’d like to show up six days a week, or at least five. But the only activity I’ll do ever day is walking on the treadmill. Everything else will be alternating days of rest.


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