Winter Without Frost

A panoramic windshield on a 1959 Edsel Corsair...

Windshield on a 1959 Edsel Corsair. (Photo via Wikipedia)

WINTER WITHOUT FROST — I’ve seen frost on the windshield only once so far this winter. When I was a kid, we had frost on the windshields nearly every winter morning. Folks had to scrape off the ice and let the engine warm up for five minutes before they could leave for work. (I can hear college students wondering, “Warm up the engine?”)

I live now in the warmest part of Maryland, a mid-Atlantic state with moderate temperatures. But truth is, we used to have ice skating around here. — John

4 thoughts on “Winter Without Frost

  1. Being rather mid-Atlantic myself (just south of D. C.), I am amazed at how Southeastern our winters have become.

    Some fluctuations are merely, well, fluctuations, but one finds it curious. I’m not ready to panic yet (let’s not forget the winter of 2010), but even 15 years ago I remember Scraping Matins which have not happened lately.


  2. Haven’t seen any frost since I wrote this post. It’s been cold and raining two days straight. In the old days, it would have been colder, the rain might have been snow, and it would be up to here by now.


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