4 thoughts on “Faith In The Future

  1. I’ve never been much inclined to faith. Whenever someone told me to have faith, I could usually see their hands creeping toward my pocket, or whatever was the equivalent in a given transaction.

    But I’m pretty chuffed that a black guy who groks the concept of a social contract just got sworn in for the second time, in this nation of fairly self-centered people who act jarred when anyone but a white guy is in charge. I mean, I’m as pale as they make them, but let’s mix things up a little here.


    • Yup, I’ve come to the point where I have about the same understanding of the word “faith” as you do. It requires a willing suspension of disbelief, which is an individual choice, I suppose. The “willing suspension” doesn’t come as naturally as it once did.

      I say “Keep the faith!” in the hopeful and steadfast tradition of the labor movement and the civil rights movement.


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