Evergreen Health Cooperative

Evergreen Health Cooperative

This is interesting. Dr. Peter Beilenson (former health officer in Baltimore City and Howard County) and others starting an innovative health cooperative in Maryland. Beilenson was interviewed briefly by Dan Rodricks today on WYPR.

4 thoughts on “Evergreen Health Cooperative

  1. Nice to see a Non-profit organisation in Health care…. Many private health care practices are set up here as those with more money think they can jump the NHS cues… problem is, thats its the same surgeons who take on Private patients in these places and while they do these private jobs the cues in the NHS get longer!!…

    But its a great Idea the Co-operative in Health care… I have no complaints personally about the NHS here in the UK.. But we have had some damming reports in the media recently over the appalling high death rates and poor standard of care practices going on in some of the Super large Hospitals… The bigger they have become they are in debt and run like a business not a Caring organisation… you can see a report on the BBC news at this link.


      • Our local Big hospital which was rebuilt almost from the ground up has now become a Mega Hospital for a large area, is now so much in dept because it has to pay back the building corporation for the re-build, it owes Millions of pounds and the government are having to step in to sort it out…

        Yes there are pro-s and Con’s … But I must say on the whole.. We do get excellent treatment… I think that the Big hospitals have lost their way as they were told by the Governments to cut costs.. And employed Business people to run the show… The Care has gone from the system because the system is geared to profit margins not People… So People are dying due to lack of care and proper hygiene and corners are cut!…


  2. Hospitals in the U.S. are dangerous places. Go in for minor surgery, come out with a drug-resistant infection. To their credit, the medical professions are working hard to standardize and improve best practices. But of course, it’s impossible to find and kill every single microscopic bacteria in a large hosp, or even a small one.


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