Riding the Digital Rapids

It’s been an eventful week. Easter, family reunion, Opening Day baseball, condo maintenance, the list goes on. Lots to blog about. But the laptop battery is running on empty, and I can’t recharge it. The power adaptor had a close encounter with a dangerous electric outlet over the weekend. Aluminum wiring in the wall! My brother the electrician is on the way. A new adaptor is on order from Apple.

iPad mini

iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

On the other hand, I’ve entered the tablet era. A previously ordered iPad Mini arrived. I downloaded apps last night until I went cross-eyed. The iPad is great. I’ve downloaded the WordPress app, but I’m not ready to write long blog posts on the iPad, or edit photos, just yet.

For a few days, I might be more on Twitter than on WordPress. You can follow me @BJohnHayden.

— John

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