Looking Forward To Old Age

Me too. Hoping to write something worthwhile, that is.

Hold that thought. You’ve already written a bunch of posts that no one else could have written, Ms. Sled. You could probably mine your blog for a good eBook. — John

Sixteen Tons

I am not any kind of big fat fan of David Brooks, but this offering in a chat feature he shares with Gail Collins made me sit up:

The great art critic Kenneth Clark once wrote an essay on what he called the “old-age style.”  He noticed that some artists peak young but others, like Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt, Turner and Cézanne, peaked in their elderly years. These artists shared what he called:

A sense of isolation, a feeling of holy rage, developing into what I have called transcendental pessimism; a mistrust of reason, a belief in instinct.

Holy rage? Transcendental pessimism? I’m there. Not sure about the mistrust of reason, but after reading this, I’m clinging to the hope that as I get older, I’ll write something really worthwhile.

Hit the link to the chat; it’s a bagatelle worth your time, over a morning caffeine infusion or while waiting for…

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6 thoughts on “Looking Forward To Old Age

  1. Ah, I mean really good, as in aspiring to the narrative grip of the novels I treasure and read over and over. I am a severe critic. I’m not sure what sales would be like on a quilt of grumpy rantings about noobs refusing to relinquish the adductor machine…

    Thank you for the reblog!


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