Good Intentions . . . In A Tiny Apartment

small kitchen sink piled with dirty dishes

I promised myself I wasn’t going to let this happen in the new apartment. Famous last words.

On the positive side, the sink is small — you might even say tiny, as kitchen sinks go — so it limits the number of dirty dishes that can pile up. Plus, I left most of the dishes at the old apartment. How many dishes does one bachelor need?

That handle in the lower left of the photo looks like a dishwasher, but it’s not. It’s a compact refrigerator! Simple living! Only problem with the small refrigerator is the really tiny freezer compartment. You can’t buy meat or frozen food in quantity to save money. That’s unfortunate if you’re trying to live frugally.

English: The carbon footprint as it is underst...


Living without a dishwasher is good for the spirit. Everyone should put their hands in soapy dishwater at least once a day. It’s one of the most sensual experiences you can have with your clothes on. Also, you reduce your carbon footprint infinitesimally. (Notice how I slipped an adverb in there. Grammarians can debate whether it’s an adverb or an adjective. I really don’t care.)

Let the record show that I spelled both “infinitesimally” and “grammarians” correctly the first time, without looking them up. When you can’t even keep up with your own dirty dishes, you have to celebrate small victories wherever you find them.

I’ll have more to say, and more photos, about the new tiny apartment. Sometime. Maybe. But don’t hold me to that.

— John Hayden

9 thoughts on “Good Intentions . . . In A Tiny Apartment

    • Hi Cathy, I can easily live in a tiny apt. Anything larger, I couldn’t handle. I used to use paper plates all the time, but decided they’re too expensive. Decided dish detergent in cheaper. John


  1. Hey, same set up as my kitchen, except my sink is on the other side. 😀 I got a big plastic bin to put next the sink though, so there’s room to wash the dishes. Otherwise, they pile up, and there’s no room to wash them. I also got a second mini fridge, and I use the top of it for counter space in addition. It’s turned into a pretty comfy little place. Good luck!


    • Congrats on your cozy apt Jen! I think it’s the way to go. Some folks in this bldg have purchased mini stand-alone freezers to save money on food. Utilities are included in our rent, and the bldg management doesn’t seem to worry about how much electricity we use. How much can you use, anyway, in a mini apt with mini appliances? We have a smaller carbon footprint than most folks.


  2. I made do in a studio with a kitchen like that for four and a half years, and was happy. For other reasons than the size of the sink, but you can’t have everything. 🙂 By the way, Cathy’s right about the paper plates. There are paper bowls, too!


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