Economic Inversion: What If There Isn’t A Solution?

Every politician who repeats platitudes like “promote economic growth” and “good jobs” needs an education in economic reality. An excellent place to start would be Umair Haque’s piece in the Harvard Business Review blog. For example:

“In this post-recession twilight zone, our economy is upside-down and inside-out.”

Read Haque’s article for the full diagnosis. You can read it in three minutes. The kick in the teeth comes near the end:

“I won’t pretend to smile, pat you on the back, and offer you bullet-pointed “solutions.” Because to a phenomenon this great, this unprecedented, this historic? I don’t believe there are any.”

Personally, I hope there might be solutions. But we’re not likely to find them if we think inside the box.

— John Hayden

4 thoughts on “Economic Inversion: What If There Isn’t A Solution?

  1. Heh! True. All I can say is that optimism at this time is a moving target. Some days I feel optimistic about some things. But when I think about the economic reality — a worldwide oversupply of labor — and jobs destined to continue evaporating because of automation & ever- smarter and faster computers . . . It’s impossible to believe pols who promise they’ll magically create “more jobs.”


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