In 12 years of blogging, the more things change, the more they stay the same

This essay by Om Malek is a comprehensive status report on social media and especially on blogging. A most valuable read for everyone who’s serious about blogging.

Hold these tho thoughts: “Point of view” and “Curating” — I’ll be pondering both items between now and Jan. 1. — John


Last Friday was the 12th anniversary of day when I posted my first blog post on, and starting what would later (in June 2006) become a company. (Up until Dec. 13, 2001, GigaOM was nothing more than a repository for my previously published articles and résumé.) These have been an interesting dozen years, where we have seen blogging go from a niche curiosity to a mainstream activity to becoming a catch-all phrase for news — casual news, if you are being nit picky. The concept of blogging as we knew it has lost some of its meaning and even a bit of meaningfulness.

When I started blogging, it was to share a point of view — mixing news with musings, with pictures, links, and later videos. It started and ended with that point of view, one that was open to adaption and adjustment, but always informed.

I told the…

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