White Men Can’t Jump

Cover of "White Men Can't Jump"

Cover of White Men Can’t Jump

I missed a lot of movies during my long life as a wage slave, working usually at night. In retirement, I hope to make up for a lot of missed movies.

Tonight I saw the urban basketball movie, White Men Can’t Jump,” for the first time ever. What a great story! What trash talk! Male bonding! Best music sound track of a sports movie since Bull Durham.” Best romantic scenes in a sports movie since “Bull Durham.” I measure all movies by the “Bull Durham” standard.

Cover of "Bull Durham"

Cover of Bull Durham

And now . . . drumroll please . . . “Bull Durham,” the musical.

We’re goin’ to The Show!

I expect great things from this Show. “It’s a long season, and you’ve gotta trust it.” I hear the new “Bull Durham” will open in Atlanta, which is only a state or two away from Durham, N.C.

If “Bull Durham,” the musical is a hit — which it has to be — maybe “White Men Can’t Jump” will be the next stage musical.

Hey, how can “Bull Durham” miss? It won’t be a hit, it’ll be a “dinger,” a “round-tripper,” maybe even a bases-loaded home run.

— John Hayden

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