Montgomery County Council Candidates List (With Websites And Map)

Council office bldgCounty Council Candidates, 2014

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name and party. They’re color-coded, blue for Democrats, red for Republicans, and green for Green Party.

All nine County Council seats are up for election for four-year terms in 2014. In Montgomery County we have 20 Democratic candidates, four Republicans, and one Green Party candidate.

The 2014 Primary Election is June 24. Democrats will have a choice of Democratic candidates for County Council in the at-large race and in four of the five districts. Not enough Republican candidates filed to give Republicans  a contested primary in the at-large race or any of the district races.

At-Large Candidates, Democrats (Vote for four)

At-Large Candidates, Republican (Vote for four)

  • ROBERT DYER — — Republican 
  • SHELLY SKOLNICK — no website listed — Republican

At-large Candidates, Green (Vote for four)

Montgomery County Council districts map.

Montgomery County Council districts map.

Council District 1 (Vote for one)

Council District 2 (Vote for one)

Council District 3 (Vote for one)

Council District 4 (Vote for one)

Council District 5 (Vote for one)


Information source: Maryland State Board of Elections. Some candidate websites may not be operational. Some candidates may have websites that are not listed with the Board of Elections.

Registered voters in Montgomery County can vote for four at-large council candidates, and one candidate to represent the district you live in.

Please report any omissions, misspellings or other errors to

(A few Republican candidates were nominated AFTER the candidate filing deadline by the Republican Central Committee, to avoid the embarrassment of having no Republican candidate at all for some seats. I’ll update the list eventually to include the Republican candidates who had to be pushed forward by the Central Committee, in order to provide an updated list of both Democratic and Republican nominees for the General Election.) 

Which County Council district are you in?

Easy to find out, even if you’re not a registered voter. Go to this page and enter your street address and zip code. You’ll get the location of your polling place, and your County Council district number, State Legislative district number, and Congressional district number.

For a more detailed look at the County Council district maps, click here.

Want to register to vote?

It’s easy. Click here to go to the Maryland online registration site.  Deadline for voter registration before the Maryland Primary Election is June 3. Registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary and registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. It’s that simple and obvious.

Other registered voters, such as independents and members of the Green Party or Libertarian Party, are not eligible to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries. (Membership has its privileges and responsibilities. If you want the privilege of voting in a primary, you have the responsibility to register with that party.)  All registered voters can vote in the general election in November.

— Information Compiled by John Hayden

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