United States At Brink Of Constitutional Crisis

The Constitution of the United States of America assigns and reserves to Congress — and only to Congress — the power to appropriate government funds for spending. Under the Constitution, the President of the U.S. has no power or authority to spend government money without Congressional appropriation. As I understand the Constitution.

George Washington was the first president of the United States under the Constitution. Will Donald Trump be the last president under the Constitution?

Tonight, President Trump will address the country from the White House on the issue of spending government money, collected from tax-paying citizens, to build a “wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

If Trump attempts tonight to declare a “state of emergency” and spend money to build a wall in defiance of Congress, what are the consequences?

Would we face the most serious constitutional crisis in United states history?

Exactly how would such a crisis be resolved? The third branch of U.S. government, the Supreme Court, would presumably make that decision.

Could Trump attempt to prevent the Supreme Court from sitting? Would the Supreme Court rule in favor of Congress or the President? What happens if the president attempts to defy an order of  the Supreme Court?

Time to read the Constitution. God Bless America.

— John Hayden

2 thoughts on “United States At Brink Of Constitutional Crisis

  1. The judges are currently in Trump’s “court.” (Pun intended.)However the majority of American’s, including Republicans, aren’t. They all blame him for the shutdown.


    • I’m examining the questions of the wall and the partial government shutdown as two SEPARATE questions. To me, a border wall does not seem like a big deal. Is our current large force of border patrol agents incompetent, lazy or inept? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT. I imagine our border patrol agents are well-trained, well-managed, well-equipped, and completely competent and able to prevent nearly all illegal border crossings. — IF — So is a huge, expensive wall essential to protect the southern border? Probably not.

      (THE BIG IF?? Politically, there’s a bit of a game regarding management of the border patrol. The powers that be in American business — mostly wealthy Republicans — do not want to stop the free flow of cheap labor. So are border patrol agents deployed or managed in such a way as to purposely allow cheap labor to slip in???)

      Would a wall improve border security (or simply make the job of the border patrol easier)? Probably, but only to a marginal degree. As a Democrat, I’m not opposed to a wall, although you have to consider the proposal side-by-side with all the other things we need to pay for, such as education, health care, highways, bridges, it’s a long list.

      Aside from the wall, the other issue, shutting down the U.S. government — even only part of the government — is an IRRESPONSIBLE thing to do, period. Majorly irresponsible! It has adverse effects, many of which could be more serious than a few poor Mexicans slipping across the border. Both Democrats and Republicans share responsibility for the shutdown, and either or both sides could choose to end it.

      Separate from the wall and the shutdown is the hugely important and fundamental CONSTITUTIONAL question. Are we going to allow the U.S. system of government to collapse simply to build a wall? Trump has basically threatened to declare marshal law and become a dictator.


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