Thanksgiving Simplicity in America

The cozy comfort of family tradition took precedence, at the last minute, over the plan to simplify Thanksgiving.

Turkey-vegetable soup was replaced on the menu by a grand old turkey with all the trimmings. We were all so mellow after the dinner and wine that we didn’t get around to the pie at all on Thursday.  No problem, man. Apple pie warmed in the microwave, with a generous topping of whipped cream, makes the perfect Black Friday breakfast. Apple pie for breakfast is American simplicity, as long as the pie has been pre-baked.

Now Black Friday, THAT we have simplified, for years. We all slept late, sat around and read the newspaper (they still get the Washington Post here!), and tossed the tennis ball for the dog. How about that reality-show glamor couple that crashed President Obama’s first state dinner? Of course, Barack and Michelle Obama are America’s first family of glamor.

In a little while, we’ll have a larger family gathering at an undisclosed location in Montgomery County, with a pie theme. Pizza and left-over apple and pumpkin. Continue to relax and enjoy!

What do you think?

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