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The “Clueless Farmhand” has now become the “Clueless Farmer.” Step one (buy a few acres with a livable house) is complete.

Sounds like the new farmer-entrepreneur, Diana, and her husband, will be focusing on the chicken business, and also growing quite a variety of vegetables. Diana, aka “Farmer Di” and “Doodi,” is methodically learning all she can about how to be a successful part of the “local-food” movement. Click on the Clueless Farmer’s report below.  Her post includes lots of links to useful farming information.

This is a serious career-change event. Diana says: “My completely awesome husband turned down a perfectly decent and lucrative office job in favor of farming for a subsistence income.”

The real farming begins this week, with “100 fluffy day-old chicks and about 500 seedlings of various vegetables.” That sounds feasible on five acres, with some room for expansion.

If it works, the small-farm movement has potential to provide a great lifestyle, along with a modest income, for thousands of workers who would otherwise be stuck in dead-end jobs, and living in suburbia.

Producing and consuming our food locally (including organic food) makes sense, and it can improve our food security in times of shortages.

We closed on our 5+ acre “farmette,” somewhat disconcertingly noted by our bank’s appraiser as being a “suburban” home (by rural standards), this morning. We’re officially terrified. All our pretty plans on how much we need to spend to get so much revenue from so many square feet of some specific vegetable or chicken species seem suddenly very ethereal when juxtaposed with our actual expenses. I have been in Madison County, VA for 4+ days now, fo … Read More

via The Clueless Farmer

4 thoughts on ““Whomperjawed” (via The Clueless Farmer)

  1. I think they did well in following their instincts, leaving the City Life…. We should all be getting in touch with the earth and starting to learn how to grow our own, and living in harmony with nature.. That is if you can get hold of seeds that haven’t already been tampered with to germinate with the aid of chemical triggers.. There-in is another tale of GM Crops ..And the monopoly of seed corporations We have a Big allotment Garden, and are even thinking now of keeping chickens on there.. Food prices will sky-rocket.. But the problem will then be, keeping your produce… We get things stolen even now and its in a huge locked fenced area with other allotment holders…
    You are never too old to learn…. and the rewards of eating your own produce and the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables are the best.


  2. Howdy, Clueless Farmer here! Thanks for all your support and encouragement. A deciding factor in taking this leap was the knowledge that there were so many others out there with the same longings, ambitions, and, gulp, even plans! Better get out there ahead of the masses!
    A note: My name is Diana (Farmer Di) and my husband is Amir. Ash (Wolfdreamer) is a frequent commenter on my blog, a friend in another part of Virginia whom I have yet to meet, but a kindred spirit is she for sure, judging by her blog: (wolfdreams.wordpress.com)
    The moving truck arrives Saturday! We were going to hire professional movers, but decided frugal, self-sufficient farmers, middle-aged though they may be, need to get a Uhaul. We will, however, be relying on the strength of the Greenbranch Farmhand Crew from the summer of 2010 to help us! It’s great to have young friends! And old!


  3. Thanks for the feedback, Diana. I’ll correct your name right now. I had imagined that you two were younger adults, so it’s interesting to hear you’re middle-aged! Gives hope to many folks, I imagine.

    The people at Greenbranch Farm, here in Maryland, have certainly been great trailblazers and advocates for transitioning away from the big-farm, petroleum-dependent model of agriculture. And now you are leading the way too, on a smaller scale even than Greenbranch.

    Thanks for reminding me about Greenbranch, and introducing me to Wolfdreams. I’ll be adding links to those two to my blogroll this evening.

    Good luck with the move. As a person who’s certifiably past middle age, I’m committed to delegating the heavy lifting to professionals.

    Striving to be frugal and self-sufficient in this modern society is always counter-cultural. Of course complete self-sufficiency is neither possible nor desirable. I’m glad to hear you have willing helpers.


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