Home is…where? (via I Heart Mondegreens)

Wow! This post makes me realize how limited my experience is, since I’ve never been anyplace but the U.S. and Canada.

Sounds like Italy, in particular, would be a wonderful place to live life, especially for people of a certain age. But how would I ever adjust to being fashion-aware?

Home is...where? This year marks the longest I’ve been away from home. More so, this Spanish summer has been a time chock-full of changes – after D-Man finished his osteopathy studies and I began working on my thesis, we had a wonderful stroke of luck and got new jobs in the city, moved into a cozy apartment by the mountains, and sneaked a trip in to Portugal for our one-year anniversary – all within the span of a month. And though I’m relieved and ecstatic that … Read More

via I Heart Mondegreens

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