Florida Coronavirus Social Distancing At The Beach

fl beach jpeg

Update, March 24: I visited the same beach this evening before sunset. The walkway along the wall was more peopled than mid-afternoon, but far less crowded than it used to be at sunset. Only peeps closer than six feet were mostly small family groups. Sunsets are a big attraction here on the Gulf Coast.

Here’s a peaceful little beach, somewhere on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Like other Florida public beaches, it’s closed. But the nearby public restrooms are open for your convenience.

This post is about the quiet life here in Florida, simple as that. March 23, high temperature about 85, clear sky.

This post will be all sunshine. No politics, no economics. Mostly photos, not so many words.

inn on the gulf

Many restaurants are closed, too. Others remain open, but only for carry-out food and drink. Including alcoholic drinks. The food is delicious!

fl deck

Plenty of room for social distancing on the deck at this popular bar. It’s usually quite crowded. Sorry, no sit-down dining, inside or out. Take-out orders only.

FL chairs

Bar chairs lined up in sun and shade.

FL water

Social distancing is observed. It’s a beautiful day.

FL walk

Did we mention social distancing? Easy to do. On land or on water. Perfectly OK to take a walk.

FL bike rack

Social distancing, in the sun or in the shade. On foot or by bike. It’s your choice. Trust me, nearly everything is OK. Even A-OK, as we used to say.

FL picnic tables

Sit wherever you like. You could eat your lunch here. Or dinner. Available at two restaurants within a minute’s walk. Open and happy to serve you. Carry-out only. No extra charge for the Florida view.

fl gas price

It’s a gasoline price crash. Might be supply and demand, but what do I know? Remember, this post is not about economics. Or politics, either. Is gas this inexpensive where you live? Life’s a journey. Life’s a beach. Philosophy is OK, just no politics or economics. Please?

FL flowers

Did we mention the Florida view? Wildflowers are exempt from social distancing. Because, well, they’re wild. You can see them everywhere. Except maybe not at the beach.

And that’s an accurate and objective report on the way it is here in Florida, USA, near the end of March 2020. Life is good.

— John

January Is Time To Make Motel Reservations At The Beach

OCEAN CITY SAND DUNE Photo by John Hayden


On these first days of January, phones are ringing off the hook at beach motels, according to my business contacts in Ocean City, Maryland.

It happens every year.

You might or might not be surprised to know that some travelers have favorite rooms at favorite vacation spots. Savvy vacationers jump on the phone in January to make sure they get their favorite room for the exact dates they want in July and August. Wait too long, and the rooms with the best views and amenities might be gone.

For some folks who honeymooned at the beach, it’s a matter of sentimental attachment. Same thing for couples who conceived a child while on vacation.

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Global Travel Contest, Clarification

“My Destination,” a travel industry Web site, is the sponsor of the travel blogging  competition referenced in my Jan. 29 repost from the blog, “Bucket List Publications.”

As information goes viral around the Internet, it’s easy to be confused about the original source of the information. You can go straight to the source for more information about the contest here: http://www.mydestination.com/bbb#.UQcaxW8702w

The home page for My Destination is here.  Travel is a huge worldwide industry.

Good luck to all in the contest.  — John

Global Travel Contest!

Contests are all the rage in the blogosphere. WordPress positively encourages contests! And now (drumroll please . . .) the grand prize for possibly the most sensational competition of all goes to a contest offered by My Destination.  It’s a contest designed especially for bloggers (of whom there are millions worldwide). Video bloggers will especially love it. I predict the contest will also attract a zillion entries (give or take a billion, but who’s counting?) from people who simply love to travel. The ingenious part is, you can even base your entry on your own home town, humble though it may be. As a public service, I’m reblogging the story here. If nothing else this contest is going to generate a wealth of free publicity for travel destinations, many that you’ve never heard of or thought about. Enjoy the fun. — John

Home is…where? (via I Heart Mondegreens)

Wow! This post makes me realize how limited my experience is, since I’ve never been anyplace but the U.S. and Canada.

Sounds like Italy, in particular, would be a wonderful place to live life, especially for people of a certain age. But how would I ever adjust to being fashion-aware?

Home is...where? This year marks the longest I’ve been away from home. More so, this Spanish summer has been a time chock-full of changes – after D-Man finished his osteopathy studies and I began working on my thesis, we had a wonderful stroke of luck and got new jobs in the city, moved into a cozy apartment by the mountains, and sneaked a trip in to Portugal for our one-year anniversary – all within the span of a month. And though I’m relieved and ecstatic that … Read More

via I Heart Mondegreens