Sun Is Shining On Baltimore Today; Trouble May Continue In Coming Days, Or Not



Baltimore Orioles-Chicago White Sox game is being played to an empty stadium in Camden Yards Wednesday afternoon. Game closed to public after trouble in the streets on Monday and Tuesday. For more breaking news, see

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Bull Durham: 25 Years Later

Also: “Some days you win, some days you lose, and some days it rains.” And for another baseball movie, starring Clint Eastwood, which may or may not stand the test of time, see “Trouble With The Curve.” (my review from Sept. 2012)  –John

Baseball, One Photo At A Time

The classic baseball photo: batter, catcher, umpire; all intent on the pitch.

The classic baseball photo: batter, catcher, umpire; all intent on the pitch.

I’ve been wanting to try tiling a series of photos, and what better subject than the great American Pastime?

Photos are from Opening Day 2013 at Nationals Stadium in Washington. Posted better late than never. — John Hayden  To see the gallery, click on the headline or photo above . . .

Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles — Maybe Next Year


Wouldn’t you know it, my Friday-afternoon  post speculating on an I-95 World Series was the kiss of death for the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. Before the night was over, BOTH teams were eliminated from the 2012 pennant chase, the O’s in the American League and the Nats in the National League.

A short post on my humble blog has the same power to jinx as a Sports Illustrated cover story? Who’d ‘a thunk it?

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Baseball History Made In Washington (More Photos from Nationals Park)

Welcome to the latest chapter in the long history of baseball in the Nation’s Capital.

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Baseball History in Washington — I-95 World Series Possible

I-95 World Series Possible! — The Baltimore Orioles play the New York Yankees today (Friday) at 5 p.m. in the Bronx. And the Washington Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, starting at 8:37 p.m. at the new Nationals Park in Southeast Washington. Both contests are the fifth and deciding games in their playoff series.

If both the Orioles and Nationals win, it would set the stage for a possible first-ever World Series between the neighboring cities of Baltimore and Washington.

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Baseball History Made in Washington (National League Playoffs 2012)

It only happens about once a century: A Washington baseball team representing the Nation’s Capital playing in the postseason! Last time was in 1933, when each league had eight teams, and the Washington Senators played in the World Series. Now baseball has expanded to many more cities, and two rounds of postseason playoffs lead up to the World Series.

The Washington Nationals in the field, the St. Louis Cardinals at bat, view of the field from the nosebleed seats on the third-base side of Nationals Park, one of America’s great new ballparks.

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Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake in “Trouble With The Curve”

You want romance and character development? See Bull Durham.  Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams in Trouble With The Curve aren’t in the same league with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham.

Trouble With The Curve is all Clint Eastwood. The romance is fluff. Baseball is only the setting. Trouble With The Curve is about life and loss, failure and decline, maybe even aging gracefully. Not that I’m calling Clint Eastwood graceful.

Trouble With The Curve begins as a baseball movie that only a grumpy old man could love. But it fools you like a curveball in the dirt, and turns into, of all things, a chick flick. It might be the best baseball/romance combination since Bull Durham. Both movies are about life-changing events, about going with the curveballs life throws at you.

How do you get away with casting Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake in the same film? You add Amy Adams as daughter of the old man and love interest of the young one.

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