Global Travel Contest, Clarification

“My Destination,” a travel industry Web site, is the sponsor of the travel blogging  competition referenced in my Jan. 29 repost from the blog, “Bucket List Publications.”

As information goes viral around the Internet, it’s easy to be confused about the original source of the information. You can go straight to the source for more information about the contest here:

The home page for My Destination is here.  Travel is a huge worldwide industry.

Good luck to all in the contest.  — John

Global Travel Contest!

Contests are all the rage in the blogosphere. WordPress positively encourages contests! And now (drumroll please . . .) the grand prize for possibly the most sensational competition of all goes to a contest offered by My Destination.  It’s a contest designed especially for bloggers (of whom there are millions worldwide). Video bloggers will especially love it. I predict the contest will also attract a zillion entries (give or take a billion, but who’s counting?) from people who simply love to travel. The ingenious part is, you can even base your entry on your own home town, humble though it may be. As a public service, I’m reblogging the story here. If nothing else this contest is going to generate a wealth of free publicity for travel destinations, many that you’ve never heard of or thought about. Enjoy the fun. — John