Ocean City End-of-Season Damage Report, 2011 (via Ocean City Blog)

Economic trouble often leads to political and social trouble. Prolonged economic recession has taken a heavy toll on political tranquility in the U.S. At the local level, disagreements can be particularly disagreeable. Here’s a view from my little part of America, as reported in my other blog.

Ocean City End-of-Season Damage Report, 2011 More than usual, it feels like something is ending in Ocean City this September.  But take this report with a caveat: Events and perceptions often appear distorted after a long summer season, to those who remain when the visitors go home. This year, Hurricane Irene put an exclamation point at the end of the season.  Ocean City was fortunate to survive a nearly direct hit with hardly any damage. The eye of the weakening hurricane swept by offshore … Read More

via Ocean City Blog

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