Cats Do This On Purpose

See, this type of exercise can be hazardous to your health. BTW, my cat pushes things off the table on purpose.

Live & Learn

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6 thoughts on “Cats Do This On Purpose

    • That’s why I know when she’s doing it on purpose. Cats can step delicately through a shelf filled with fragile knickknacks, when they want to. But for fun, Lola likes pushing items off tables. The larger the item and the larger the crash, the more she likes it. I think she’s just trying to get my attention. Or maybe she’s mad about something?


  1. Crunches are passe. Do planks. Crunches shorten your abdominal range of motion and tend to flatten your lumbar curve. An exception, if you are able to hang by your knees from a bar, is the inverted crunch alternating with a spinal hyperextension. No cat in my experience has ever been able to interfere with this movement.


    • I’d heard that crunches were bad for you. What, pray tell, are planks?

      BTW, I signed up for my local gym yesterday. It’s come to my attention that at my advanced age of 64, if I don’t take up strength training, in five years I won’t be able to get our of a chair without assistance. (how’s that for a convoluted sentence?)


      • Grab some dumbbells and shove them like you mean business. Yes, you will be sore, but that goes away in two weeks if you keep at it. Don’t fall for “this circuit of machines will work every muscle in your body” — five years from now you’ll still be phoning it in.

        There are scads more workout videos where the one I linked above came from. Look up ONE every time you go to the gym and practice what you’ve watched.


  2. Thank you, Ms. Sled! The plank looks easy. (Famous last words.) Have you ever thought of becoming a trainer? I suspect your knowledge would far surpass most of the folks working as trainers at the corner health club. It might pay as well or better than massage. Plenty of wealthy peeps in N.Va. Or maybe you could make a package deal with a pro or major college team to provide a combination of training and massage services to players?

    The machines at this gym seem to be high quality. Cybex, I think, and they use real weight. You could write a post for us newbies explaining why dumbbells are better than machines. As always, your input is much valued.


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