Joined The Gym

Aging wears you down, I can report, based on 64 years of experience. One doctor told me our bodies are designed to wear out. Too much exercise might wear out your knees faster. But I’ve suddenly realized that I won’t be able to get out of a chair in five years, unless I take up strength training (in moderation). Yesterday, I joined my local gym. Now if I can only manufacture some self-discipline. — John


8 thoughts on “Joined The Gym

  1. Thanks to all for your comments! Yes, getting there is my main goal for now. Special thanks to you, Moxygen. I’ve read a number of the posts on your blog, and you’ve got quite a story. I’m a subscriber and fan now, and I look forward to reading the rest of your posts. I wish you the best and will say a prayer. Free Penny, how long did it take before you started to have more energy and feel stronger?


  2. I always say that people will notice a difference in six weeks and not know themselves in six months. That sounds like a long time but think, what were you doing six months ago? Seemed like yesterday, no?


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