Showed Up @ The Gym

The 12-month gym contract. Been there, done that. Doing it again. When it comes to success at the gym, showing up is half the battle. In life generally, I like to set my goals a little bit high. But at my age, starting at zero fitness, I think a goal of simply showing up is appropriate. I accomplished showing up today. Now my goal is to show up six days a week, five days minimum. — John

4 thoughts on “Showed Up @ The Gym

  1. You can do it! When I started going to the Y about 3 years ago – I had days when I would walk into the fitness center, see crowds of people and turn around to go home. But I kept coming back and eventually became comfortable getting in there and getting the work done. Now, if I just get myself in the door, I’m good to go, so that’s what I focus on.


    • Fortunately, my new gym is nearly empty in the middle of the afternoon. That’s a big plus, since I don’t like crowds. And, I feel self-conscious enough as it is. I don’t need an audience to see me lifting the lightest weights available.


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