I skipped the annual New Year’s Day fundraiser in Ocean City, MD, for Atlantic General Hospital. I’ve seen it before, and it looks something like this.

It’s not that hard to restrain myself from starting the New Year by running into the Atlantic Ocean, no matter how good the cause. Now if I can only maintain such self-discipline for 12 more months, it will be a great year. However, I still intend to learn to hula hoop. — John

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    • There’s a WordPress bar across the top of my page, when I’m on WordPress. I that bar, you see a little “Follow” button, a “Like” star, a “Reblog” button, and then a tiny graph. When I’m reading another WordPress blog post that I really like, I can click the Reblog button and reblog the post on my blog, automatically giving credit to the original blogger. Then there’s a box for me to enter my own comments about the post.

      Usually, the reblogged post has it’s own text with a prominent “continue reading” note that will take you back to the original blog to read the rest of the post. In this case, the post was simply a video with no text, so there’s NO OBVIOUS SEPARATION between the original post and the comment. (I always sign my comments when I reblog a post, to make clear that it’s a comment. )

      You don’t see a lot of posts reblogged, but it’s becoming more common. It’s a nice way to spread the word about a post you like so more people get to see the post, and maybe get introduced to the author’s blog. Potentially, if a lot of people reblog a post, it could “go viral” and the original author would benefit from the increased traffic.


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