Peace Now

Today would be a good day for the president and the people of America to make a decision for peace.

Use of chemical weapons in Syria was evil and inhumane. Use of chemical weapons resulted in human death and suffering.

To respond by missile attacks against Syria would result in more human death and suffering. Where is the logic?

President Barack Obama will be pilloried if he chooses peace and not war. But good leaders must make the right decision without regard for the political consequences.

— post originally published 8-31-2013

7 thoughts on “Peace Now

  1. missile attacks? dumb idea . . . Bottom line, don’t make threats and then back peddle and then back peddle out of the back peddle . . . confusing. . . . .


  2. Thank you for saying what’s on everyone’s mind! Obama put his foot in his mouth by promising action if chemical weapons were used then Bashar Al-Assad used them and now he feels forced to act or risk looking “soft.” This a job for the U.N. not the U.S., but it seems like the politicians don’t understand how war weary we all are. We’ve been at war since 2003, enough already!


    • You’re right. Fortunately, it looks as if both the UN and the British Parliament have wisely decided to eschew the military option. Hopefully Congress will follow suit. Who knows, If Parliament and Congress both give up their habit of shooting first and thinking later, it might signal a historical break with centuries of imperialistic aggression.


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