What chance do we have against this Evil? Zero. Nada.

Live & Learn

chocolate potato chips

“To the age-old question of “what do women want,” Lay’s thinks it has an answer: Chocolate-covered potato chips. This month, Lay’s is rolling out milk chocolate-covered potato chips. The chipmaker says the salty-sweet combo is tailor-made for young women, who apparently can’t get enough of the stuff. Lay’s senior director of marketing, noted: “the increasing popularity of chocolate-covered snacks among our target audience, millennial women. … They are looking for those more indulgent, savory/sweet combinations.” The product’s debut will officially be a trial run, but the product could become a permanent part of the Lay’s arsenal if shoppers love them. As for other chocolate-covered chip combinations, “the possibilities could be endless,” says Saenz. (Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “Men Like Potato Chips. Women Like Chocolate. Who Will Like Chocolate Potato Chips?“)

The possibilities could be endless.  Right. Got it.  May this NOT come to a store near me…Please.

Source: Thank you Steve Layman

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13 thoughts on “What chance do we have against this Evil? Zero. Nada.

  1. These are absolutely terrible!!! How dare they make these!!!! ***Where are they sold? I want to go there and tell them how bad these are!! Hmmmm! I may need to taste them first, just to see how really terrible they are!!***


  2. Actually, this sounds absolutely disgusting. For starters, I’m sure the ingredients will be the cheapest and most rancid available — Hershey-grade chocolate and crappy frying oil. And that’s before you reach the question of mingling these two flavors, each of them enjoyed best sparingly, like a sprinkling of fairy dust.

    I do eat dark chocolate, as a light dessert. I do regularly nom a good vinegar or jalapeno crisp. Putting them together is like…I don’t know, sex while having your feet pedicured? The luxuries just don’t mix.


  3. I vote for chocolate covered food! I haven’t tried the chips and surely, you need quality food to cover, but I’ve been delightfully surprised by chocolate covered food products that I would have never associated with chocolate!

    Of course, dark healthy (fairly traded) chocolate is the way to go, but I think you (anyone who loves good chocolate), should try something new, draped in chocolate, and enjoy! I had a chocolate covered pineapple recently and couldn’t get enough.

    I’ll try the chips and get back to you 🙂


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