Intriguing Book Blurb Award

“Easy Rawlins still escapes, like the protagonists of Chandler, Hammett, Jim Thompson, or Chester Himes . . . With Easy Rawlins’ desperate and unflinching vision, Walter Mosley has revitalized two genres, the hard-boiled novel and the American behaviorist novel.”

That’s the back cover blurb touting Walter Mosley’s latest mystery novel, “Little Green.” It wins the first (and maybe last) “Intriguing Book Blurb Award”  from your full-service blog, Work In Progress.

“Little Green” should also qualify for a best cover award, featuring black-and-white art of a 1960s-era convertible in the parking lot of a 1950s-style motel. Big block letters in psychedelic colors make the title and author’s name almost jump off the B&W background.

BTW, what is “the American behaviorist novel?” So many things I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll read “Little Green” and report back. But not until I’ve finished Michael Connelly’s new Lincoln Lawyer novel, “The Gods of Guilt,” and written the third and final installment of my series comparing John Grisham and Michael Connelly.  — John

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