Bernie Sanders Gaining In Iowa


“I have been in Iowa for nine months now, and everywhere I go I see signs that Bernie is going to win. I see Bernie buttons on cashiers in checkout lines, and anytime I have Bernie gear on people compliment it.

When I cover various political events, a lot of the crowd is usually undecided or checking out the candidate. Not at Bernie events, where the crowds are excited and committed to the Bern.”

Reported by a clearly biased observer in Iowa. His view tends to support news reported in the MSM. From a post by Scott Galindez. Read his full post here.


Election Decision Time Approaches


Read “Do We Like Ike?” (Leggett) by David Lublin over at TheSeventhState. Time is running out for voters to make TWO most important  decisions by June 24, primary election day.

For Democrats, those decisions are:

For Governor: Anthony Brown, Heather Mizeur, or Doug Gansler.

For Montgomery County Executive: incumbent Ike Leggett, Phil Andrews, or Doug Duncan.

Which is not to diminish the many decisions also facing voters regarding County Council members, senators and delegates in the General Assembly, School Board, and even Democratic Central Committee. — John

Your comments on any of the Montgomery County election contests are welcome below. (Comments will be moderated.)

Looking For Answers


“It’s easy to find the answer when you look at one side of an issue. When you look at both sides of an issue, that’s when you lose the answer. When you look at all sides of an issue, four or five sides, you realize it might be impossible to find the answer. That’s when you go to church.”

— Quote, more or less verbatim, from my sister, Anna, and I think she might be right

Selfie Culture vs. Reality


“Here’s the irony: Selfie culture doesn’t enhance the self but degrades it. When we turn the lens of life on ourselves, we create the illusion that we should focus only on what’s best for us.”

— That quote from Rev. Galen Guengerich, All Souls Unitarian Church, NYC. And this:

“The image of a self-made, self-reliant and self-centered individual is a lie, and a pernicious one at that. We are utterly dependent upon the people and the world around us.”

— Also Rev. Guengerich. Both quotes from an essay in todays Washington Post, page B2.

Just something to think about.  — John

Intriguing Book Blurb Award


“Easy Rawlins still escapes, like the protagonists of Chandler, Hammett, Jim Thompson, or Chester Himes . . . With Easy Rawlins’ desperate and unflinching vision, Walter Mosley has revitalized two genres, the hard-boiled novel and the American behaviorist novel.”

That’s the back cover blurb touting Walter Mosley’s latest mystery novel, “Little Green.” It wins the first (and maybe last) “Intriguing Book Blurb Award”  from your full-service blog, Work In Progress.

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Trickle-down Economics


“Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness. . .

This opinion . . . expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power . . .

Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.” — POPE FRANCIS

It’s The Customer Experience That Matters


“All of the razzmatazz we hear about facilities doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. It’s the customer experience.”

— Steve Wynn owner of “megaresort” destination casinos in Las Vegas and Macau China



“It’s been great co-hosting the show with my husband. We will see you — I think? — again tomorrow.”    — Kathleen Matthews, with Chris Matthews.  Is this a tryout for a new “Hardball?”