America’s Continuing Cultural Catastrophe, By Peggy Noonan

“The old conservatism of smaller government, tax cuts and reduced spending . . .

“That old conservatism was deeply pertinent to its era and philosophically right, but it is not fully in line with the crises of our time or its reigning facts . . .

“The federal government will not become smaller or less expensive in our lifetimes . . .

“But beyond that fact is something bigger. America needs help right now and Americans know it. It has been enduring for many years a continuing cultural catastrophe — illegitimacy, the decline of faith, low family formation, child abuse and neglect, drugs, inadequate public education, etc. All this exists alongside an entertainment culture on which the poor and neglected are dependent, and which is devoted to violence, sex and nihilism . . .

“America to my mind is what Pope Francis said the church was: a field hospital after battle. We are a beautiful and great nation but a needy, torn-up one in need of repair.”

— PEGGY NOONAN, Speechwriter and special assistant to President Ronald Reagan

From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, May 4-5, 2019, p. A13

3 thoughts on “America’s Continuing Cultural Catastrophe, By Peggy Noonan

  1. I agree we are in a cultural catastrophy — and part of it is due to the influx of people coming over our southern border, and being transported here is droves from countries where they have been displaced.

    I don’t agree that we need big government. “Big Brother” is a huge part of the problem.


    • I’m going to post several more quotes from Peggy Noonan’s timely and provocative column in WSJ. One will give her reasoning for believing that trying to cut spending or reduce government is not a good idea a this time. I think she is not in favor of big government per se, but she thinks that a strong government will be needed to meet the crises she foresees. She also has an interesting observation about immigration. Watch this space.

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