Hoopdancing — Beautiful and Amazing (New Year 2013 Update)

Jan. 1, 2013 update:  Happy New Year!  Click on the little comment cloud (above this post to the right) and read a most encouraging comment by hula hoop instructor Cara Zara, with instructions on how to make your own hoop. Better yet, check out Cara’s blog at http://carazara.wordpress.com  Thank you Cara!

The video below is an awesome performance by Beth Lavinder Williams. You can see more of her videos on YouTube.

I wonder if I’m too old to learn how to do this?  

Hula Hoops were a fad when I was a kid. Every family in the neighborhood had at least one.

My family was too poor to afford one. I’m completely serious.

I was a totally uncoordinated kid. I tried twirling a Hula Hoop a few times, using hoops of friends, but could never do it. Wouldn’t work for me. No rhythm. No movement.

As an adult, I found out that if you could clap your hands to the beat of the music, you had rhythm. I learned to dance, for socializing and fun. In my 30s and 40s, I danced a lot. Fell out of touch with dancing when I went to work for the big-city newspaper, working nights and weekends.

Now I’m totally out of shape for the kind of vigorous dancing I once could do all night.

Apparently this hoopdancing craze has been picking up speed for several years. I’m going to buy a hoop.

— John Hayden

11 thoughts on “Hoopdancing — Beautiful and Amazing (New Year 2013 Update)

    • Those hoops are made for kids, and are the wrong kind of plastic. Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene are typical hoop dance materials, and are much more responsive and lightweight than most kids’ hoops–plus you need a much bigger hoop to start off with!


    • Thanks for your note, Cara. Regrettably, I still haven’t bought a hoop. Good thing I learned to talk and ride a bicycle as a child. 🙂 Wouldn’t want to try to learn either of those things as an adult! The hula-hoop will be a challenge @ age 64, but it gives me a goal to shoot for in the new year. Do you recommend any particular type of hoop for geezers?


      • Hi John,

        You can do it! I recently taught my 68 yr-old mother to hoop and she doesn’t exercise at all! The best type of hoop for you is one that is larger and a bit heavier so that it will stay up. But don’t get a weighted fitness hoop! I don’t recommend them at all because they are too heavy and it’s easy to get bruises from them.

        You can either buy one online or with a little bit of elbow grease and time you can make your own.

        Here’s a video to get you started: http://youtu.be/N8FzWtgf_Lc

        I don’t use a blow drier. I boil a pot of water and turn off the stove and then one end at a time put the pipe in the hot water to soften the PVC so the insert with go in easily. It’s quicker than a blow dryer. To find the right hoop for you measure from the floor to your belly button. For a beginner hoop add 2″-4″ inches. So for example if the measurement from the floor is 38″ add 2-4″ inches to that number. Most beginner hoops are 40″-44″ inches. Take that number and multiply by 3.14 (yes you get to use Pi!). That’s how long the piece of pipe needs to be for your hoop.

        You can find the pipe at Lowe’s or Home Depot and you’ll need a pipe cutter tool and some tape. You’ll have to buy 100′ coil of pipe. 100′ will make about 8 large sized hoops so you can make extras and share with your friends!

        Keep me posted! It really is so much fun. I’ve taught everyone from toddlers to great-grandparents. I know a wonderful woman who at 82 fire hoops. One of my best students is 75 yrs-old.

        I truly believe that hooping is the fountain of youth! I was teaching a group of little kids and one boy asked me if I was a teenager. So cute. Made my day especially since I’m close to getting an AARP membership 😉

        Happy New Year!


        • Thank you, Cara! Your comment is so encouraging. Plus, you provide valuable information that people can ACT on. You’ve convinced me to take action. I’m moving this post to the top of my blog, with a reference to your comment, so that others can benefit from your information.

          I can’t think of a better New Year’s resolution than hooping, and learning to hoop.


  1. Hi John I will try once again comment… I see you have changed your format of theme, as unfortunately I gave up trying to comment as each time I tried my laptop would cease up and the page freeze … Glad to see All seems well this Visit.. Maybe 2013 will bring more communications between us….
    Thank you for your recent comments upon Dreamwalkers, its is most appreciated .. Thank you..

    I had a hoola hoop as a child and my children also had them.. so Go for it John.,, Im told its a great keep fit tool.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year…
    Blessings Sue


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