Play In Progress???

This humble blog would be more popular by a mile if I changed the name to “Play In Progress.” That’s the thought that occurs to the blogger in me as I look at the blog’s three most recent entries:

Then to make matters worse, all those posts about the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts.  Talk about serious! All together now:  BORING!  What do you think? I’d seriously like your feedback.

Playful 09

Photo by Roo Reynolds via Wikipedia

If I could choose between Playful and Joyful, on one hand, and Serious and Responsible on the other, I wonder which would I choose? Is one better than the other? Can you be both? Is it a matter of your age or role in life? Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Middle-aged, and so on? As I take stock at age 64, which would be the better road for me? Or can you have it all? I believe I’ll be posting some more on this dilemma.

In the words of a great American, Popeye:  “I ‘yam what I ‘yam.”  But maybe my personality and my blog needs a little tune-up.

Naturally, I can’t write more just this minute, because I’m due at my paying job in an hour.

— John Hayden

Hoopdancing — Beautiful and Amazing (New Year 2013 Update)


Jan. 1, 2013 update:  Happy New Year!  Click on the little comment cloud (above this post to the right) and read a most encouraging comment by hula hoop instructor Cara Zara, with instructions on how to make your own hoop. Better yet, check out Cara’s blog at  Thank you Cara!

The video below is an awesome performance by Beth Lavinder Williams. You can see more of her videos on YouTube.

I wonder if I’m too old to learn how to do this?   Continue reading

A good post for Fourth of July. Reminds me that life is GOOD! Sometimes I need reminding. All work and no play is a bad bargain. — John

Overexposed + Underdeveloped

by Tiffani “Living La Vida Bathing Suit” Michele

Dear, sweet, delusional, and incorrect Erika really threw down the gauntlet yesterday when she blogged “I Hate Summer“. Haterz gonna hate, I know, but she left me no choice but to retaliate with my own post, “I Love Summer” to show her the errors of her ways. Because really, I read her words in shock and awe, shaking my head and mouthing the words “nooooooo!” while raising my fists into the air like a supplicant for correct seasonal priorities. It’s nothing personal, I suppose, and nothing that can’t be fixed over a late night of beer drinking and shots of whiskey. But still. I was offended. Hating Summer?! What?! Who could possibly?! Can you even say those words together?!

I love Summer so much I want to get drunk off vodka infused watermelon, and fondle and caress it and maybe…

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