Play In Progress???

This humble blog would be more popular by a mile if I changed the name to “Play In Progress.” That’s the thought that occurs to the blogger in me as I look at the blog’s three most recent entries:

Then to make matters worse, all those posts about the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts.  Talk about serious! All together now:  BORING!  What do you think? I’d seriously like your feedback.

Playful 09

Photo by Roo Reynolds via Wikipedia

If I could choose between Playful and Joyful, on one hand, and Serious and Responsible on the other, I wonder which would I choose? Is one better than the other? Can you be both? Is it a matter of your age or role in life? Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Middle-aged, and so on? As I take stock at age 64, which would be the better road for me? Or can you have it all? I believe I’ll be posting some more on this dilemma.

In the words of a great American, Popeye:  “I ‘yam what I ‘yam.”  But maybe my personality and my blog needs a little tune-up.

Naturally, I can’t write more just this minute, because I’m due at my paying job in an hour.

— John Hayden

What do you think?

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