“Puppy Love” Super Bowl Commercial Going Viral


I have a feeling Monday’s going to be a busy day at the animal shelters.  — John


“My Independence Seems To Vanish In The Haze”


The Beatles on the human condition . . . youth . . . aging . . . illness . . . life and death . . . and the song goes on . . .

Sustainable Living, All It Takes Is Work


Couldn’t resist posting one more video. A most energetic and inspiring older couple. I guess local food and organic food is possible. All you need is dirt and work.

Food For All and Work For All


A most interesting take on sustainable food and local food. I’m particularly fascinated by the part about training young people for meaningful work. A great alternative to college for many, perhaps.

Hoopdancing — Beautiful and Amazing (New Year 2013 Update)


Jan. 1, 2013 update:  Happy New Year!  Click on the little comment cloud (above this post to the right) and read a most encouraging comment by hula hoop instructor Cara Zara, with instructions on how to make your own hoop. Better yet, check out Cara’s blog at http://carazara.wordpress.com  Thank you Cara!

The video below is an awesome performance by Beth Lavinder Williams. You can see more of her videos on YouTube.

I wonder if I’m too old to learn how to do this?   Continue reading