Super Bowl and Groundhog Day Together

I’m pondering the significance of this coincidence: the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day both fall on Sunday, Feb. 2, in 2014. I suppose in the long history of Super Sunday, and the even longer history of Groundhog Day, this may have happened once or twice before. Does anybody remember?

Will the Groundhog be guest of honor at halftime? Will “Groundhog Day,” the movie, be on TV immediately before or after the game? That might extend the party and the mega-bucks commercials another three hours.

Alternatively, some channels will probably run “Groundhog Day,” the movie, in direct competition with the game. It makes sense, but it wouldn’t put a dent in the Super Bowl’s audience.

I hope the Arctic freeze is over by Feb. 2. If we’ve entered a new ice age by Super Sunday, will they cancel the game and just air the commercials?

Most important of all, will the groundhog predict the Super Bowl winner? No, even more important, will the groundhog predict Spring?

Stand by for two solid weeks of Super Bowl hype. But that’s the last you’ll read about it on my blog. — John