Washington Post Partners With TRAVELZOO

Update on thecapitoldeal.com, an innovative new service brought to you by the formerly great newspaper, The Washington Post. Now owned by Jeff Bezos.

“Ramen and cocktails for two” is the featured Capitol Deal today. Usually $56; via Capitol Deal, only $29!

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Stop The Presses! Forget About News! Advertising Delivered Direct To Your Inbox!

The Washington Post Business section for Sunday Jan. 12, 2014 was ALL BUSINESS, I’m happy to report.

After this blog’s unkind criticism of the Sunday business section last week, it’s only fair to note the impressive week-over-week improvement.

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Small Steps To Make The Blog Better In 2014

Ahem! We break into our regularly scheduled posts (Michael Connelly was supposed to be up next) to deliver big news.

In case you haven’t noticed, “Work In Progress” is making improvements to serve you better in the New Year.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

First, we’ve reinstated our longtime favorite theme, Twenty Ten. It’s one of WordPress’s most handsome themes. The decision to change themes was based as much on advertising potential as on aesthetics. Work In Progress is proud to be among the blogs participating in beta testing of the new WordAds program. Since Twenty Ten is among the  55 themes optimized for WordAds, it was a logical choice.

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Kindle Fire — Power Failure In A Fancy Box

UPDATE, NOV. 16, 2012:  Happy to report that I’ve received two emails from Amazon in response to my phone calls. Bottom line:

“In order to resolve this issue please de register and re register your Kindle Fire HD to the same Amazon.com account. In order to De register and Re register please follow the steps:

Swipe your finger down from the top of the Home screen and tap More . . .”

I followed the directions and re-registered my Kindle, which wasn’t hard. Presto, my material was again visible on the carousel. Using the information I’ve learned in the last two days, I made sure everything was downloaded from the “cloud” to the “device.”

I also browsed through the apps store and downloaded several interesting apps. Most of them were free, and I paid 99 cents for one. The Kindle can do a lot of stuff, and I’m slowly learning how.  — John




I titled my first product review (of a digital camera) “Power In A Box.” The first and most important information I want to know when purchasing a new high-tech device is: WHAT COMES IN THE BOX?

Regarding the camera,the answer was: “Everything you need, and it’s a powerful product.”

Regarding the Kindle Fire, the answer is: “Not so much.”

In the photo above, you can see the fancy box for the Kindle Fire HD 7″ and EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN THE BOX. It’s exactly as stated in the small print on the back of the box:

“USB charging cable included. Ask for the Kindle PowerFast accelerated charging accessory for even faster charging times.”

This latest consumer technology is pretty much ready to go, right out of the box. Or so I thought.

I followed the directions on the black card you see in the photo above, which constitutes the entire written documentation and instructions included in the box.

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A significant development in the world of blogging!  WordPress is beta testing a new advertising feature called WordAds. You may have noticed test ads both here on “Work In Progress” and on my other blog, “Ocean City Blog” AKA “Maryland On My Mind.”

The ads are usually sophisticated videos and can be seen at the bottom of the most recent post on my home page, and also at the bottom of specific posts you click on to read. If you have feedback to offer on the new adds, please leave a comment.  As with Internet advertising in general, a blog or Web site needs a LOT of traffic to make more than coffee money through advertising, and that’s only if you buy your coffee someplace cheaper than Starbucks.

— John Hayden

WordPress.com News

Last November WordPress.com announced the launch of our WordAds program, whereby WordPress.com sites can partner and share revenues on ads sold and managed by WordPress.com. Since its beta launch, WordAds has grown to over ten thousand sites. WordAds has been a success because bloggers can focus on content and building their audiences while handing off the time-consuming role of advertising optimization to the WordAds team.

Today, we’re launching a new homepage for the WordAds program: WordAds.co. Here, you will find our application page as well as FAQs and a discussion forum. Moreover, most WordPress.com sites can now launch WordAds on their site within days of application.

To celebrate the successful launch of WordAds, we sat down to interview one of the program’s first sites at MyNintendoNews.com. Not every WordAds site has the visitor volume to earn significant revenue, but sites that work to develop their audience can now earn good…

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