Washington Post Partners With TRAVELZOO

Update on thecapitoldeal.com, an innovative new service brought to you by the formerly great newspaper, The Washington Post. Now owned by Jeff Bezos.

“Ramen and cocktails for two” is the featured Capitol Deal today. Usually $56; via Capitol Deal, only $29!

The Capitol Deal is “Powered by TRAVELZOO.” Branding has now taken control of the world. What is TRAVELZOO? Would you buy a used car from something called TRAVELZOO?

The good news is in the small print at the bottom of the site.

“The Capitol Deal is a site operated by The Washington Post. None of the content on the site was produced by the newsroom.”

Is that supposed to protect the integrity of the newspaper, or enhance the image of TRAVELZOO?

— John Hayden

4 thoughts on “Washington Post Partners With TRAVELZOO

  1. You are so out of touch! Check Travelzoo.com. If you travel at all you will love the site. Lon and I use the discounts from time to time and they are great.


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