Winter Storm Janus, Midday Tuesday Update

Snow blowing sideways early afternoon in Gaithersburg, MD, in the suburbs north of Washington. No more than 2 inches accumulation here so far, but we’re still in the early part of Janus. Winds 15-25 mph, temp 28, going down to 18 before the afternoon is over. That’s more than 30 degrees colder than 24 hours ago.

The city of Washington might get less snow than expected, but it is snowing there now. Forecasters still calling for 4-8 inches of snow throughout Central Maryland and Northern Virginia. But they’re now predicting 8-12 inches from Baltimore north to NYC. Heaviest snow in MidAtlantic might be in a narrow belt from Philadelphia across New Jersey and into NYC, and definitely Long Island.

The really hard punch from Janus will hit Boston and Cape Cod late this afternoon or this evening. They’re warning of blizzard conditions on Cape Cod, with winds 30-50 mph. Looking at the radar on TV, I would not want to be anyplace in Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts tonight.

And how cold will it be? I can’t keep track of all the numbers. Answer: Plenty cold. Wind chills below zero in many places all over the northeast; temperatures will be as low or lower in the upper Midwest. No relief from the freeze on Wednesday or Thursday. After that . . . ?

Here’s the kick in the teeth: Looks like this storm will be followed by one, probably two more Yankee Clippers from Canada. I think the one on Wed and Thurs will affect the Great Plains States. Followed by another one that’ll bring more snow across the Northeast for the weekend! Not sure if the snow over the weekend will reach as far south as Maryland.

I’m going outside to do some reporting and take some pictures. More later. Keep the dogs and cats inside.

— John Hayden

7 thoughts on “Winter Storm Janus, Midday Tuesday Update

    • Thanks for the news, Ron. On the TV radar, it looks like the E Shore is near the line separating snow from rain. A strong winter Nor’easter for the Shore, sounds like to me. Hopefully, it will move north quickly, as predicted, with no damage.

      Do you know if they’re expecting much of a storm surge on the coast? If so, hopefully it will affect no more than one or two tide cycles.


      • They are still predicting that we will have 4″-10″ in our area…right now, the radar shows it’s all around us in Salisbury/Delmar, but I see it inching closer with each update on Intellicast Active Radar. They also said to expect blizzard conditions along the coast, although I haven’t heard anything regarding a surge at this time.


    • Thanks for the Webcam, Mark. I think the storm will intensify in Baltimore, Towson, and points north and east as the afternoon goes on. It can be treacherous out here. Be careful not to slip and fall, vicariously speaking.


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